Client: Ronnie Dog Media
Date: November 2018
A large majority of the websites are sport based, mainly football. As this is a key ingredient in the portfolio, I wanted to make this a key part of the logo. Therefore, I decided to use a circle as the base shape for the logo design. It resembles the shape of a football, the globe - representing all the websites they represent, both their international origins and reach, and Ronnie Dog Media as a whole. The section taken out of circle symbolises the specific site's individuality, whilst being part of the wider portfolio. This section's colour is interchangeable and personal to each site to give them their own identity. Type hierarchy was also important as a lot of the websites have very similar names, so therefore which one you are on needs to be instantly recognisable. Montserrat was selected as the typeface because of the wide variety of weights available, and they have a strong contrast. It also has slightly rounded characteristics, which complimented the circular graphic. 
As with all modern brands, the logo is not just used at a certain size on one medium. Therefore, it has to be adaptable for a wide range of situations, and this is becoming increasingly key in website design as the variety of screen sizes available need to be adapted to. The logo, then, had to reflect this. The circular graphic therefore had to be able to stand by itself without the supporting text. The design had to be strong and easily identifiable by itself, which resulted in the thick lines and individual colouring for each mark.
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