Client: University Brief
Date: November 2019
The concept behind the exhibition centres around the idea that many of the world's most famous brands have logos that were designed by women. Because they are the face of global organisations, designers rarely get the credit for designing the logo and this seems even more true when the mark had been designed by a female graphic designer. Therefore, I wanted to give the women the credit they deserve. The idea for making the logos monochrome removes each brand's colour palette, and ties them all together to suggest they have something in common. Furthermore, it attracts the viewer's attention as to why all the brands are sat together.
Alongside the poster to promote the exhibition, a guide leaflet for visitors was also required. I had to profile five of the featured designers, and contain an introductory essay on women in design. The front cover of the leaflet is strongly linked to the poster to ensure continuity throughout the imagery used for the exhibition. The double spreads reflect each other to resemble that the designers have contrasting styles, whilst the same colours represent the similarities between them. For the body text, originally it was set in IvyMode, the font the subtitle on the poster and leaflet cover is set in. However, the legibility wasn’t good enough, so I switched to the san-serif Acumin Pro, which I used for the extra text on the poster. The illustrations off the contrast to this commercial, san-serif typeface to represent the differing styles.
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